About Us

The Story


Airkeads is born in Broc, Switzerland with the idea to provide a durable, yet nice looking, shoe for kids to play freely.

As a dad, I noticed my elder son Noa was dragging his feet on the ground while riding any kind of wheeled-toys (balance bike, scooter, riding-toys, etc.). He was even using his feet for braking and controlling his speed when riding his balance bike. Yet I could not find any shoe that was suitable for that kind of use.

So, I decided to tackle the problem and set to make a shoe that makes both kids and parents happy!

In this journey, I'm supported by Alexandra and our 2 sons Noa & Tom as well as their grandmother Virginie.


Encourage kids to play outdoor.

Our shoes are designed to endure the special treatment of kids developing their moving skills outside. By enjoying the outdoor, we believe they can grow healthy and develop a protective awareness towards nature.



After looking for a designer able to design a complex outsole for kids, I stumbled onto Defne.

She was inspired by the project and put her heart into designing a nice looking shoe for kids.

With a past 12 years experience at Vibram, she was able to sketch a durable, yet flexible, outsole for the greatest pleasure of our kids.

Besides she also took great care in designing the shoe upper and came up with a great logo for Airkeads.

Defne lives with her daughter in Milan, Italy.



In order to provide you the best possible shoe, we partnered with Hung Tran. He is a happy father of 3 children. 1 boy and 2 girls whose names are Nhi Tran, Linh Tran and Kiet Tran.

Hung Tran and his family are based in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam where they like to go camping on the week-end. Vietnam is also the most advanced country in the world to manufacture innovative sneakers.

When presented to him, the idea of making a durable shoe for kids immediately enchanted him.


Thanks to a strong 14 years experience in shoe making and a past experience in mold making, Hung Tran and his team managed to manufacture our complex outsole.

With his team, he intends to provide innovative shoes to our children with the same care as his own children.